Electric Industrial Vehicles

Build a better tomorrow with Greenland Machinery’s all-electric industrial vehicles. Our products provide all the energy conscience benefits of an all-electric vehicle without having to sacrifice the power of traditional heavy-emission diesel industrial vehicles. These lithium powered vehicles boast long operation times and lasting performance power with the added benefits of zero operating emissions, less noise pollution, and easy maintenance.  Explore the many opportunities and advantages with electric power.


Front loaders


Advantages At A Glance

Low Carbon Footprint

All the power without the pollution. Electric industrial vehicles are over 60% less carbon intensive than internal combustion vehicles.

Less Noise

Less noise and vibration generated makes it ideal for sensitive areas such as hotels, cities, parks and hospitals.

No Gas Exhaust

Create a safer working environment with no gas emissions that create air pollution. Perfect for indoor applications and worker health.

Less Maintenance

Low maintenance costs results in a greater return on investment.


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