Electric Front Loader
500 kg
Rated Load
0 hrs
Operation Time (Up to)
0 hrs
Charge Time *

* Optional 60/90 Kw output charging facility required.

Electric Loader


The GEL-1800 electric loader offers a unique combination of loading capacity, compact design and performance as well as a perfect interplay of powerful engine output and outstanding run time.

It offers the power to handle the job fast while staying quiet and clean for both indoor and outdoor use.

GEL-1800 Key Technical Specifications

Electric Drive Motor (Rated Power)

75 kW / 102 hp

Electric Working Motor (Rated Power)

30 kW / 40.8 hp

Loading Capacity

1,800 kg / 3,968 lbs

Operating Weight

5,200 kg / 11,464 lbs

Battery Capacity

140.95 kWh

Battery Voltage

618.24 V

Steering Angle

± 30°

Maximum Dumping Height (at angle of 45°)

2,450 mm / 8 ft

Maximum Dumping Distance (at angle of 45°)

850 mm / 2.79 ft

Maximum Travel Speed

26 km/h / 16 mph

Charging time 90 KW input

1.5 hours

Charging time 60 KW input

2.5 hours

Charging time 12 KW input

13 hours

Maximum Runtime (Indicative)

9 hours

GEL-1800 Electric Loader Applications




Property Management

Waste Management


In Development

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