All Electric Industrial Vehicles

The Better Option For A Cleaner Tomorrow

Electric Forklifts

The backbone of warehouses and manufacturing facilities around the world. Our lithium powered forklifts are designed to perform over 8 hours per charge without the hassle of managing propane tanks, valves or water evaporation.

Electric Loaders

Our industry-first all-electric wheeled front loaders create new advantages for operators with its simple maintenance, zero operating emissions, fast charge time and quiet operation. With a 9 hour run time they are always ready to get to work.

Electric Excavators

Greenland is bringing sustainable-energy options to the construction site with all-electric excavators. Capable of handling up to 8.0 tons of material without endangering the local community with harmful emissions or loud noise pollution.

Go Electric
Your advantages at a glance

Low Carbon Footprint

ll the power without the pollution. Electric industrial vehicles are over 60% less carbon intensive than internal combustion vehicles.

Less Noise

Less noise and vibration generated makes it ideal for sensitive areas such as hotels, cities, parks and hospitals.

No Gas Exhaust

Create a safer working environment with no gas emissions that create air pollution. Perfect for indoor applications and worker health.

Less Maintenance

Low maintenance costs results in a greater return on investment.


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